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What You Should Know Before Buying Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

Anti-fatigue floor mats have special design features to ensure comfort in the workplace. In order to reduce muscle strain, these mats have a thick, high density, closed cell cushions for buoyancy. By eliminating or greatly reducing muscle strain during strenuous activities, these mats protect the legs and feet from feeling pain after prolonged standing or walking sessions, the lower back and bottom from being numb after long sitting periods, and the whole body from getting over exhausted after long working hours.

In addition to physical exhaustion, we also have other anti-fatigue mats for extreme cold weather conditions. These are called heated floor mats and they are used to provide warmth in a building. Heated mats feature electrical heating circuits within their construction designs. These circuits produce heat when connected to a power source thereby providing warmth and comfort to the workers.


Causes & Effects Of Fatigue


Strenuous physical experiences like prolonged standing or sitting can cause physical and physiological issues ranging from boredom, distractions, and in extreme cases joints and muscle pains. Biologically, physical exhaustion and body fatigue occur when the exoskeleton or bodily frame is strained leading to some malfunctions in the internal functional systems. Examples of internal biological problems caused by fatigue include poor blood flow in the varicose veins, poor blood circulation and swelling of feet & legs leading to plantar fasciitis or severe foot problems and pain, numb and painful joints, heart & circulatory problems, and pregnancy problems among many others.

Other workforce related problems due to fatigue include impaired decision-making, subpar mental & physical performance, forgetfulness, inattention to detail, carelessness, sleepiness, poor communication, poor judgment, low motivation, errant behavior, indiscipline, poor physical health, low & slow adaptation to change, stress and anxiety, inattentiveness & lack of focus, and so many more, which all combine to undermine workforce productivity.


Importance Or Benefits Of Anti-Fatigue Mats


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One of the main benefits of using anti-fatigue mats in the workplace is to promote the health of the employees. We have already covered most of the health issues that are caused by fatigue in the workplace. You can avoid all these problems by simply installing ergonomic anti-fatigue mats. This ergonomic matting solution will help reduce health-related problems in the workplace, which translates into all the productivity benefits discussed below.

The second advantage of using anti-fatigue mats is that they help increase workforce productivity. By overcoming all the aforementioned physical and physiological defects and problems, which are all caused by fatigue in the workplace, your company will be backed by a healthy and highly motivated and dedicated workforce. This will help curb absenteeism, sick leaves, and employee turnover thereby enhancing overall business productivity and hence profitability.

The third and final benefit of using anti-fatigue floor mats is experienced in specialized commercial applications where these mats come with specialized features for specific industrial settings. Depending on the industrial setting, anti-fatigue mats can combine several functional features including chemical, water, slip, grease & oil resistance, antimicrobial etc. Such industrial mats can either be outdoor, heated, entrance, or even logo mats based on their composite design features and they prevailing application. Hybrid anti-fatigue mats are very popular because of their multi-functional nature.