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Major Types Of Floor Mats

There are many different types of floor mats for various applications in all kinds of settings. At the most basic level, we have residential and commercial floor amts. As you can easily tell from their names, residential floor mats are designed for home installation while commercial mats are intended for commercial or industrial usage. In addition to these tow broad classifications, floor mats are also categorized according to their colors, materials, design, surface pattern, intended application or functionality, sizes, production processes, and many other matting features. The following article looks at some of the major types of floormat solutions.

Indoor & Outdoor Mats

Another major classification of floor mats regards the intended site of installation. Under this consideration, we have indoor and outdoor mats. Expectedly, there will be no prizes for guessing that indoor mats are designed for installation inside the house while outdoor mats are designed for installation outside the building. Anyway, the interesting thing about this classification of matting solutions is that we have one type of floor mat that doubles up as both an indoor and an outdoor mat. This is the one-of-a-kind entrance or entryway floor mat. Entrance/entryway floor mats are the mats that you encounter when entering the door of any building. These mats connect the outdoor with the indoors in that they are placed across the entryway. They stretch across the door-space with one edge reaching the outside and the other edge terminating indoors. Entrance mats are used for scraping and trapping dirt, moisture, and other outdoor debris from the soles of our feet before entering the house thereby keeping the house clean and protecting the floor from scrapes. Entrance mats are also used as welcome logo mats.

General-purpose Industrial Mats

When it comes to the industrial sector, we have two main types of floor mats, namely general- or all-purpose floor mats and specialty matting solutions. General purpose floor mats are designed for installation in any ordinary commercial or industrial setting. These mats come with all the necessary functional features to qualify as anti slip floor mats, anti fatigue floor mats, and depending on the intended functionality they can also be logo mats. Anti slip floor mats provide traction in the workplace to prevent accidental falls while anti fatigue mats provide ergonomic relief to workers in strenuous working environments.

Specialty Industrial Mats

Specialty industrial floor mats are specially designed matting solutions for installation in specific production environments. We have quite a number of specialty floor mats including noise and vibration reduction floor mats, electrostatic dissipative (ESD)/conductive matting solutions, antimicrobial medical floor mats, chemical-resistant, oil- & grease-resistant, and waterproof matting solutions among many others.

Heated Floor Mats

Heated floor mats are special types of matting solutions for providing heat and warmth at home and in the workplace. Heated mats can also be categorized as anti fatigue matting solutions because they provide ergonomic benefits to users. These mats contain a heating element that uses electrical current to provide warmth indoors during chilly weather. Heated floor mats can also be installed outdoors to help melt snow on outdoor walkways and paths.

Logo Mats

Logo mats, which are mainly used for communication purposes, are the other major type of floor mats. These mats feature graphical messages on their topsides to impart various messages to users. Logo mats are mainly used for advertisement purposes but they can also be used to communicate hazardous messages such as pinpointing danger zones in the workplace.