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Matting For The Medical Industry

When it comes to hospitals and laboratories, maintaining employee and patient safety, as well as a sanitary environment, is of the utmost importance. We have all seen some of the many precautions that are put into place in order to make this happen: face masks, gloves, and sanitation stations, just to name a few. There is one very important precaution, however, that many of us miss. Maybe we miss it because it is right beneath our feet! We are talking about medical matting. Medical mats are designed for the comfort and safety of both hospital staff and patients. This article will explore some of the different types of medical matting, describing how exactly it is used in medical settings.

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Medical Mats Can Decrease Fatigue Among Hospital Staff


One of the unseen dangers lurking in hospitals is fatigue. When fatigue sets in among hospital staff, it can lead to costly mistakes. The good news is that there is matting available which is designed to reduce fatigue among busy (sometimes overworked) hospital staff. Anti fatigue medical matting is designed to provide comfort and relief to workers who are standing on their feet and scurrying around a busy hospital for extended shifts. Doing so on a hard floor can be especially tiring. Anti fatigue matting is not intended to be a substitute for rest and proper diet, but it can help turn the tides in the fight against fatigue.

Medical Mats Can Help Keep Hospitals Cleaner And More Sanitary

Another advantage to medical matting, aside from the fact that it can greatly reduce worker fatigue, is that it can help keep medical facilities cleaner and more sanitary. People enter hospitals with all kinds of contagious diseases, and often have weakened immune systems as well. Similarly, laboratories must remain antiseptic at all times, due to the sensitive medical materials that are handled in these locations. Certain medical mats are designed to prevent bacteria and fungus from growing on the floors.

Medical matting is also easy to clean. There are actually products (found easily online) which are specifically designed to clean medical matting. Using the medical matting in combination with these helpful products is the best way to ensure that the floors of your medical facility stay spic and span. There is even anti slip mop top tape, which reduces friction between mops and sponges.  When assessing the needs of your medical facility, this matting, and the products that clean it, should always be a consideration.

Where To Find And Purchase Medical Mats

Unlike certain other mats, medical mats will not typically be found in home goods stores, or other similar locations. These are specialty mats that need to be ordered online. There are many sites that allow you to order medical mats—not just medical supply sites but actual floormat sites. Shop around to find a site that offers you great prices on medical matting as well as free shipping. This will help you save money on this critical piece of equipment. When you invest in medical matting, you are making an investment in hospital safety.