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Heated Products make winter more pleasant • Which snow melting mat is best for you? Snow Melting Mat Comparison

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Antislip Tape for Stairs & More

Anti Slip Tape Floormat.com

Antislip tape is great for those smooth stairs. Whether in public or in a home with wooden stairs, the antislip tape can reduce the risk of slips and falls. You can get clear antislip tape if you want to hide it and still see the beautiful wood below. White antislip tape is often used around … Read more

Comfort is the Best Christmas Gift

snow Floormat.com

Heated floormats and other heated products make the best Christmas gifts. Giving these products show how much you care about the person’s comfort and safety. Heat rises. We all know that. So it makes perfect sense to have a heating source start at ground level. For warming a person, the feet are often where people … Read more

Reduce Costs and Labor Shortages

Optimized MosaicGraphic1 Floormat.com

Business owners save time and money with floor mats! For owners of commercial, industrial enterprises, padded floor mats are excellent investments. An excellent sense of what will make a difference in your business is essential for a successful owner. A competent manager stays alert at all times, finishing the work at hand while, more significantly, … Read more

Slipping Dangers and Snow Melting Mats

Outdoor Heated Mats

In the winter, slips and falls on snow or ice are a frequent danger. The feeling is probably familiar to you. You step on a patch of ice while walking outside. You start to worry when you feel your feet losing traction. To regain your balance and hopefully prevent a fall, you extend your arms. … Read more

Gift Ideas for Cold Feet


When you research gift ideas for people with cold feet, you find things like fluffy socks and space heaters. These things can make you more comfortable. However, if someone works at a desk or stands in one place throughout the work day, a heated pad is the best gift for cold feet. Simply put, it … Read more

Buying Cheap Floormats

flextred Floormat.com

You can buy cheap floormats in many places. That does not mean you should as they often do not hold up for very long, and they will start looking bad quickly. Here are the disadvantages of cheap floormats and why fair-priced, high-quality floormats are so much better.1. Cheap Floormats are Wasteful When your cheap floormat … Read more

New School Year, New Floor mats

WaterHog Silver in place wood floor 4x6 greige Floormat.com

Buying new and better floormats is important for schools opening up as well as any business with Fall just around the corner.

School Floormats

6050 entry Floormat.com

Updating school floormats is essential for the new year. After two years of uncertainty due to Covid-19, Businesses, schools, universities, long-term health facilities, etc., are beginning to go back to their pre-pandemic routines and schedules. You want things to look new and fresh. Public, private, charter, and all other schools need to start preparing for … Read more

Are Social Distancing Floormats Still Important?

floor please practice

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Covid-19 and its variants are here to stay. According to the CDC, our best options are for us to get vaccinated, wear masks, and protect our places of work, schools, and homes. By taking safety measures we can prevent illnesses, including Covid-19 from spreading and … Read more

Popular Rubber Floor Mats

Ribbed Rubber Anti Slip Tape 1 Floormat.com

Popular rubber floor mats keep things clean and safe. Reduce fall risk with rubber floormats.