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Are Social Distancing Floormats Still Important?

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Covid-19 and its variants are here to stay. According to the CDC, our best options are for us to get vaccinated, wear masks, and protect our places of work, schools, and homes. By taking safety measures we can prevent illnesses, including Covid-19 from spreading and … Read more

Popular Rubber Floor Mats

Ribbed Rubber Anti Slip Tape 1 Floormat.com

Popular rubber floor mats keep things clean and safe. Reduce fall risk with rubber floormats.

Floormats in Ohio

waterhog classic 6 Floormat.com

Floormats during rainy seasons are important to keep your location dry and reduce slip risks. Waterhog floor mats can help reduce wetness on floors.

Heavy Duty Floormats

Bubble Trax 2 Floormat.com

Get anti-fatigue heavy-duty floormats at floormat.com and help keep employees safe and less fatigued.

Spring Commercial Floor Mats

WaterHog Silver in place wood floor 4x6 greige Floormat.com

Beautiful commercial floormats for Spring are available at Floormat.com – View our selection of commercial floormats.

Floormat Safety

WaterHog Silver in place indoors 4x6 graphite Floormat.com

Snow accumulation in the northern part of the United States is always a hazard for drivers, pedestrians, and the general public.  The cost associated with keeping streets, driveways, and parking lots can be staggering.  And for homes and businesses, the work to keep customers and employees safe can be expensive and time-consuming. The snow accumulation … Read more

Floormats for Every Business


Floormats are the single most effective way to keep dirt, snow, and water from entering your business and keeping your employees and business safe. Spills and falls are common occurrences in lunchrooms,  bathrooms, and entryways. Therefore, the placement or installation of floor mats at entryways, bathrooms, and social gathering places where employees and customers gather … Read more

Rubber Floormats for Winter

Optimized MosaicGraphic1 Floormat.com

Rubber floor mats are becoming increasingly popular and a necessity in both homes and businesses. Especially for businesses, the implementation of floor mats at the entrance of their buildings or offices is a necessity they cannot afford to ignore.  The use of floor mats at the entrance of a manufacturing facility, doctor’s office, or hospital … Read more