Benefits of Floormats

Indoor Mats and Reopening Your Office

If your office has been closed for a while, and you are preparing to reopen it sometime soon, then it is time to do some upgrades, like indoor mats, which will make people feel more confident because the space looks new and it is clear you have taken care to have things cleaned and replaced … Continued

Reducing Virus Risk at Work

Reducing contamination and the spread of viruses in the workplace is essential. Today, when people are expected to go to work they want more than just basic safety.  They also want to know measures are being taken to reduce the likelihood of a virus spreading around the workplace.  Yes, Corona Virus (Covid 19) is the … Continued

Guide to Restoring Confidence with Customers

When customer confidence is down, little things can stand out to someone visiting your restaurant, store or school.  Things just being worn, torn, dirty or dated can make people feel less safe and secure in your building.  Now more than ever, people want to feel like they are in a safe, clean, professional place of … Continued

Buying Car Floormats? How about outside the car?

When it comes to floormats, people are often searching for car floormats or truck floormats.  That is a great idea because you spend a lot on your vehicle and a car or truck floormat will keep it cleaner and looking nicer.  When you do not have the dirt, wear and tear on the carpeting in … Continued

Floormats – Reduce Poisons In Your Home

Spring in the North, where there are all four seasons, is the time it usually rains a lot and looks like a dirty, muddy mess until the green starts to pop.  During this time, it is inevitable that you will be doing yard work and tracking in mud and rubbish from the yard. Also pesticides … Continued

Floor Safety Guide

Whether you are in a residential home or a public place, such as a store or business, people who own locations are responsible for the safety of people who visit or are in the location. The last thing anyone wants is someone slipping and falling. Falls can be minor, and they can also result in … Continued

Uses for Anti-Slip Tape

Floor mats are great for floor safety.  However, sometimes it makes more sense to use an abrasive tape to create an anti-slip environment. The good news is that Floormat.cm is where you can buy floor mats AND anti-slip tape because we are the floor safety specialists. Uses for Anti-Slip Tape Anti-slip tape is heavy duty … Continued

Buy Floormats – Best Price for Quality Floormats

Floormat.com is where to buy floormats that are a good value and high quality. Floormats are a good value.  They have a whole host of benefits that make them an excellent product to buy.  They improve health, safety and reduce wear and tear on flooring.  Floormats can improve comfort, productivity and reduce labor costs by … Continued

Heated Floormats for Office Chairs

Heating an office to optimize productivity and heating costs can be tricky.  It is very hard to keep everyone happy since some people will be cold and some people will be too warm. In a large office area, there are definitely some issues with heating in the Winter.  The last thing you want to do … Continued
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