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Rubber Floormats for Winter

Rubber floor mats are becoming increasingly popular and a necessity in both homes and businesses. Especially for businesses, the implementation of floor mats at the entrance of their buildings or offices is a necessity they cannot afford to ignore.  The use of floor mats at the entrance of a manufacturing facility, doctor’s office, or hospital can decrease the risk of trips and falls and can keep the building cleaner and safer for everyone involved. High-traffic areas where entering and exiting the business can become wet and hazardous for many people, the use of an Aqua Trap Floor mat at the entrance can be the right thing you need.

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The use of rubber mats at the entryways of many businesses  offer many benefits including:

  • It offers safety to its employees, preventing them from falling or sustaining injuries from spills, debris, or wet flooring.
  • It gives employees the support they need to stand for extended periods of time, making them more productive and comfortable.
  • It provides the support they need to stay healthy and prevent serious health issues such as sore muscles, swelling feet, or lower back injuries.
  • Rubber flooring is an additional safety measure that can protect employees from falls and slips. Rubber mats can be used to reduce the severity of falls and protect employees from broken bones and serious head injuries.

Rubber mats are a great way to increase productivity and protect your employees. Numerous studies have proven that employees who feel comfortable at work are more productive, less likely to be injured, and generally happier.

One industry that can greatly benefit from the use of floor mats is long-term care facilities. Snow Melting floor mats, anti-slip floor mats, and heated floor mats are a necessity and comfort for their residents, visitors, and employees who enter the facility every day.  The price these facilities will pay for the implementation of floor mats throughout the building is nothing compared to the safety and comfort they will provide to their residents. Not only that, but having floor mats in key areas of the building can protect the residents from slips and falls, and possible costly visits to the hospital.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) states that 60% of long-term care residents fall at least once a calendar year. 30% of those falls lead to injuries that require hospitalization.

Many facilities face many challenges in preventing falls and injuries. Their daily operations have to take into account the severe consequences they can have on their hands if a resident falls and suffer serious injuries to themselves. The management of these facilities has to take measures to ensure their residents are safe every single day.

One solution they found promising was the installation of compliant flooring in these facilities. This can help to prevent injuries among residents. Compliant flooring (low-stiffness flooring), can reduce the impact of falls and prevent injuries among residents. This will help to avoid hospitalization and emergency visits for many of the elderly population.

The common areas of these facilities are all covered with rubber mat flooring that can prevent slips and falls. Beautiful rubber mat flooring can be used in dining rooms, bathrooms, recreation areas, and other high-traffic areas to prevent slips or falls.

You will find many stores that sell low-quality mats that can be used in your long-term facility. But, at, we have a huge inventory of high-quality, long-lasting floor mats, that are engineered specifically to provide you with the safety, durability, quality, design, and affordability you are looking for in your business.

Contact us today to talk about your floor mats needs, and a customer service representative will talk to you about pricing, delivery, and installation.  If you need a floor mat for your business, we will make sure you have it as soon as possible and with the right price tag.