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School Floor Safety – Floormats

Public and private schools, community colleges, universities, and technical colleges are getting ready to start a new school year. When the school doors open, high student traffic is expected and eagerly awaited. For many schools, the safety of their students is of paramount importance, and they take many measures to ensure students, teachers, and staff are safe while on the school premises.

Many schools have a main entrance for students and teachers to enter the premises. That main entrance ensures everyone, including visitors, is clearly monitored. As a result, the main entrance of any school sees a high volume of traffic every day. 

What can you do to ensure your school floors are safe for everyone?

The high traffic schools and universities see every day is more felt when there is a rainstorm or during the snow season. Water or melted snow on the school’s floor makes them a dangerous, and slippery surface where an accident is just waiting to happen.   If there are “Wet floor” signs at the entrance, most students will not see them till they have passed the area, or in the crowd of students entering the premises.

Cleanliness in a school is a primary concern for the school administration.  During the flu season when a high number of students call in sick, it is hard for teachers to stay on schedule.  Whatever learning material students miss during those days, it is never learned, and they are the ones losing at the end of the school year. Therefore, anti-bacterial floor mats and disinfectants are much-needed items during the flu season. At, we have Floormat Eco Hand Soaps and Floormat Hand soap dispensers, disinfectants, and anti-bacterial floor mats to help the school administration keep their student population from becoming ill.

Placing a Safety Scrape Floor Mat or a Super Scrape Floor Mat at the main entrance of the building will ensure water, snow, or debris will stay at the entrance of the building. Water coming from the outdoors will not be tracked to the interior or other rooms in the school.  It will keep the floors dryer and safer for everyone.  These Super Scrape Floor Mats can be used inside or outside the building.  They are slip-resistant floor mats that scrape tough dirt off students’ shoes and are made of 20% recycled rubber content.  They are durable if placed outdoors at the entrance of a building. They can be placed in locker rooms where constant student traffic is expected, and wet slippery floors are the norm.

Groceries stores where traffic is constant and varied, dry, clean floors are a necessity.  The Safety Scrape Floor Mats and the Scrape Floor Mat can be used to keep their customers and staff safe.  For example, these floor mats can be used at the entrance of the grocery store or at the produce areas where the chance of wet floors is more likely.  Similarly, these floor mats can be used behind the deli counter, or meat counters to keep the employees safe.  Our anti-fatigue floor mats can be placed at the cash registers, customer service areas, or even behind the deli where employees spend most of their time on their feet. 

The Brush Hog Floor Mat can be placed at the outside entrance to the store because with its 100% solution-dyed nylon face, it won’t fade in the sunlight.  These durable entrance floor mats are not only durable, but they will also look beautiful for many years to come.

Keeping employees and customers safe is good business. Furthermore,  the investment of buying floor mats where/when needed is one investment that pays off right away. Also, it is a financially responsible decision to invest in the safety of employees and customers alike.


We serve many industries and have a huge inventory of floors mats for them.  We have floor mats for the healthcare industry, restaurants, assisted living facilities, schools, retail stores, etc. At, we have disinfectants, signage, soap dispensers, tapes, anti-slip coatings for your floors, and many more items to keep your employees, students, and customers safe. The safety of your employees is of paramount importance to the daily operations of your business.  The investment to keep them safe is small, and worth taking.

If you have a question about a specific floormat, or shipping and payment, do not hesitate to call our phone number.  A  knowledgeable person will help you find the right items for your business and answer your questions.