Doggie Butler Mat

    The Doggie Butler serves as the perfect mealtime tray for man's best friend. Great for use under bowls or stands, the absorbent carpet surface sucks up water from spills from your pooch. A smooth top design makes for an easy clean up with no textured areas for food to get caught. The Doggie Butler has a raised lip that keeps bowls securely on the mat, and prevents stray food and water from leaking onto the floor. A rubber backing keeps the mat steady and in place. Doggie Butler is available in a variety of stylish colors.

    frontier floor mat

    Frontier Mat

    The Frontier mat is a specialty mat that is made from a unique vinyl spaghetti material that is looped together to create a web-like matting. This design will filter dirt and water off of the bottom of your foot traffic and it will naturally fall to the bottom of the mat. Cleaning the mat is as simple as shaking out the debris or by power washing the matting. Recommended for use in locker rooms, showers, around pools, and as entry mats into commercial and retail buildings.

    Weight Room Mat

    Weight Room Mat

    A heavy duty rubber mat that absorbs the crush of free weights and exercise equipment while protecting the floor.

    Wet Step Mat

    Unique design provides excellent slip resistance and anti-fatigue properties. Soft to walk on with bare feet. Drain holes allow water to freely drain sway. Anti-microbial treated for lifetime protection against odors and degradation. Durable closed cell nitrile rubber cushion is UV resistant and will last for years. Can be autoclave sterilized for health care use. Recommended for use in locker rooms, showers, spas and around pools and hot tubs. Also recommended for use in operating rooms and medical scrub areas.

    Safeway Bath Mat

    The ultimate bath mat for tubs, tub sills, shower stalls, jet tubs and more! Safeway Bath Mats peel and stick technology is fast and extremely easy to use. Available in white and clear, it provides safer footing for wet surfaces. Available in standard bath mat sizes, or long sheet runs, it can be cut for any shape or application.

    ViSpa Wax Trapper™ Mat

    Made of vinyl, the non-woven, continuous filament-bonded ViSpa™ Anti Slip Histology Carpet withstands the constant abuse of foot traffic, paraffin spillage, and even corrosives, including sulfuric acid.

    Safety Message Mats

    Safety Message mats make your safety message loud and clear while keeping facilities cleaner and safer. Pre-printed message mats warn employees who may be entering a hazardous area, may need special ear or eye protection, or just act as a reminder to think and act safely in work environments. Pre-printed message mats offer functionality as an entrance mat cleaning dirt and moisture from shoes, keeping facilities cleaner and safer. Select messages are also available in Spanish.

    Web Trax™

    Provide slip-resistant footing in wet, barefoot traffic areas

    Clean Stride Dirt Removal Frame With Carpet

    Clean Stride mats provide highly effective dirt and dust removal methods for factories, computer rooms, warehouses, school gymnasiums, health care facilities and more.

    Clean Stride Dirt Removal Mat Frames

    With two footsteps on Clean Stride adhesive insert, over 90% of dirt particles are removed

    Clean Stride Mat Inserts

    Clean Stride mats provide highly effective dirt and dust removal methods for factories, computer rooms, warehouses, school gymnasiums, health care facilities and more.

    CleanShield™ Urinal Mat

    The latest technology in urinal matting, the CLEANSHIELD URINAL MAT is ant-microbial to reduce odors. With its Seep Guard Tacki Back construction, the CLEANSHIELD eliminates urine seepage to the floor, while keeping the mat securely in place. Easy 30 day Time strip indicates when it is time to replace.Anti-Microbial Treated to reduce odors. Seep Guard Tacki Back eliminates urine seepage to the floor while keeping mat in place. Easy to read 30 day Timestrip® indicates when it is time to replace the mat. 100% eco friendly post-consumer recycled PET fabric with diamond pattern. Improve bathroom appearance by protecting the floor & grout from uric acid damage.

    Sure Stride

    This high traction mat surface provides a safe walking surface with its Tacki Back adhesive system that keeps it flat and in place. Very low profile with a moisture barrier that keeps liquids from seeping through to the floor. Disposable matting with a 3-month life span under normal usage.