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Commercial Floormats, Even for the Home

The weather changes across many regions of the United States require many business owners to take safety precautions to ensure the safety of customers and employees alike. While management and other key people in your company worry about the profit margin and best business practices, we want to make your business’ safety our priority.

Every single day, business owners and employees alike look to us to provide products and services that will ensure their safety and comfort.  With our extensive product line,  we can provide products for your business that will ensure a healthier, safer and cleaner place of work.

For the home, rugs and entry mats provide a cleaner, safer environment for your whole family by capturing debris from the outside on the entryway mats. These entry way mats ensure most of the germs and  contaminants  from the outside will stay on these mats.

Industries We Serve

There are many industries that need our services, and we can deliver excellent products and services to them. These are only two of the many industries we serve.

Assisted Living Facilities

There are about 28,900  residential care communities in the United States alone and over 800,000 residents.  The safety and well being of its residents is a vital part of each facility. Community gatherings and social games for their residents are held in rooms where proper and comfortable furnishings are required for their comfort.

We offer an extensive product line of mats and  rugs to help you make their comfort a top priority.  Heated  rugs in the dining room area or social hall can make their stay comfortable.  Outdoor heated mats in exit and entryways in the facility make the safety of their residents secure.  Slips and falls in many cases result in a trip to the hospital, and a long recovery for many of these residents.  Providing these heated rugs at the entryways will ensure the snow will melt away and allow the residents to enter or exit the facility with confidence.

Providing these heated mats at the entryways, you also need to provide indoor mats to capture any dirt or rain water from the outdoors.  There are a wide variety of indoor mats and their uses are sure to provide your facility with the comfort and cleanliness your residents and employees deserve.


The manufacturing industry provides vital products and services that are essential to the well being of many Americans, and people from around the world. Unfortunately,  the fast pace of the many of these manufacturing facilities can lead to falls, slips or trips among their employees. Wet surfaces, spills or tracking  ice or snow from the outside leave the employees prone to accidents and serious injuries. Their health and  productivity can be safeguard by the company by providing safety measures to follow in the workplace.  Basic safety precautions to follow are easy to do:

  • Report or clean  any spills right away
  • Slippery surfaces are dangerous, take short steps
  • Cover any chords that are exposed and can cause a trip to an employee
  • Worn out mats or rugs need to be replaced

Thankfully, many of these slip and falls can be preventable.  According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), 85% of worker’s compensation claims are due to employees slipping on slick floors. 22% of these slip and fall accidents result in more than 31 days away from the workplace. This leads to a decrease in productivity in the workplace.  The medical costs and compensation to employees that suffer a slip/fall accident are close to $70 billion yearly. The statistics are grim when one considers the preventable measures a company can take to avoid such accidents.

At our extensive manufacturing mats will provide your business with the right mat for any situation.  Our manufacturing mats will provide your employees with the assurance that their safety is important to you.

  •  Our anti-fatigue mats will allow the employee to work comfortably throughout the day, and will allow them to go home feeling less fatigue. 
  • Our manufacturing mats are grease, oil and chemical resistant, prolonging their life span and providing the safety your employees deserve.
  • Industrial grade mats will reduce the vibrations and dampen the noise generated by loud machinery your business

By taking care of the safety and well being of your employees and customers, you are assuring them their safety is important to you and your business.