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University Floormats for Fresh Start

Is Your School or University Ready to Open?

After a grueling 2020-2021, Businesses are starting to go back to their pre-pandemic business hours, and business activities. Clinics, hospitals, schools, and universities are starting to put safety measures in place to open up to students and customers, and to begin a new year.

At we have many of the floor mats you will need to open schools, universities and colleges, and to help you provide a safe environment for all your students, teachers, and staff. Moreover, we offer many floor mats constructed with 100% post-consumer recycled PET fabric from plastic bottles.  We want to help you provide a safe environment for your people while making sure we use recycled materials in our products to help the earth. extensive inventory will give you the ability to choose the right floormat for your business while ensuring the floormat you choose will provide the comfort, security and durability you are looking for in a mat. More importantly, we offer many different floor mats designed to last for many years and for any industry.

Whether is a school, college or university, the rainy season and winter months can play havoc with the cleanliness, and safety of the floors in any building. The high quantity of students entering and exiting a building brings many issues to consider.  If it’s raining, is the floormat at the main entrance think enough? The main entrance to any building in the school is the first place where a heavy-duty, water resistant, and antibacterial mat should be placed. Rainwater, snow, and debris are more likely to stay at the entrance of the school if the right floormat is in place.

At we offer these institutions the right floormat for their buildings. Our WaterHog Eco Elite Floor mat is an entryway floormat designed to capture snow, water, and debris. It is designed to hold up to 1 1/2 gallons of water per square yard, and its 3/8” thick bi-level surface is meant to capture the water of debris below show level between cleanings. For many of these institutions, the main entrance of a building can be a safe place to step on, or a dangerous, slippery surface, where many accidents can occur.

The main entrance to any building can be dangerous if the floors are wet or slippery.  These WaterHog Eco Elite Floor mats will ensure you students, teachers, and staff can begin their day without an accident.

Schools, colleges, and universities know the importance sports play in the daily life of their students.  After a year of schools closings, many students and sports teams are ready and eager to begin a new year. Therefore, it is every school’s responsibility to provide a safe environment for their athletes. Gyms, swimming pools, bathrooms, and exercise rooms are places where high student traffic is expected.  Water spills, sweat, and the overall dampness of those places make the floors and the surrounding areas dangerous for the students. Placing a Weight Room Floor Mat in the gym can provide a safe place for the student-athlete to condition. These heavy-duty floor mats absorb the crush of free weights and the noise associated with them. They also provide protection against the main floors of the building.

And what about the safety measures around locker rooms, showers, and pools? We have the right floormat for every situation.  The Frontier Floor Mat is specially designed to filter dirt and water off of the bottom of students feet, and will naturally fall to the bottom of the mat.  These floor mats are made from a unique vinyl material that makes their cleaning a very simple matter. But, most importantly, it will keep the area dry and safe for the students and staff.

Many school kitchen areas are busy places for many hours every day during the school year.  Food spills, water spills, and the constant human traffic make these areas a dangerous place for everyone involved.  Providing your employees with the right floormat is a necessity. Our Aqua Trap Floor Mat is an indoor entrance mat that is highly effective in trapping moisture and debris. It is an antimicrobial, rubber-backed mat that is made to last. Plus, this Aqua Trap floor mat is a highly fashionable floor mat that will add an accent to the décor of any room.

In every university, restaurant, school, or workplace setting, the danger of accidents is a constant worry for many people.  The responsible solution to escape grave injuries is to provide our students, teachers and workers a safe environment where they can thrive and succeed. By installing adequate floormats in the right places, you can be confident you are doing your best to assure the safety of everyone who enters the building.