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Restaurant Floormats Reduce Employee Fatigue

During the last year, many small restaurants around the country had to close their doors for good. And while those restaurants could not survive in the current climate, many other restaurants are doing well or thriving.  Moreover, there are a few chain restaurants in the country where the increase of customers are making prices rise and long waits for a table are expected.

While the increase of customers is welcomed, there are many safety issues restaurants need to prepare for, to ensure the safety of their customers and employees alike.

There are many industries where the long hour’s employees spend on their feet is a safety hazard.  Tiredness and clumsiness make the possibility of an accident very real, and very expensive. Restaurants are one such industry. The long hour’s employees spend on their feet become dangerous when taken into account the hot, greasy environment inherent in their workplace.

There are thousands of work-related injuries employees suffer while at work, and the restaurant industry is no different. 35% of injuries among restaurant employees are due to slips, trips, falls, sprains, and other small injuries.

For many owners, providing the right equipment for their employees to ensure their safety and do their job well is a financially smart decision. Accidents in the workplace are one of the major contributors to employees missing work, filing claims, and benefits the owner has to pay due to such accidents.  While it is impossible to prevent all accidents in the workplace, there are many preventable ones that the owner or management of the restaurant can prepare for, or try to mitigate.

Restaurants around the country need floor mats for their employees behind kitchen counters, kitchen prep. areas, and their server stations, to name a few.  Hygiene is also a very important aspect of their business, and floor mats keep maintain these areas dry, cleaner, and safer for employees and customers alike.

Many workplace injuries can be preventable by providing the safety equipment employees need to do their job well and safely. For example, placing a Bible Trax Anti-Fatigue Floor mat allows your employees to be on their feet for many hours with less discomfort. The unique sloped beveled edges of these floor mats ensure your employees won’t slip or trip when accessing these floor mats. Moreover, the anti slippage quality of these floor mats gives your employees the security they need when moving about their work areas. They are long-lasting, and worth the investment you will make by purchasing these floor mats.

Employees in the restaurant industry have to practice excellent hygiene at all times.  The management and owners of these premises are required by law to provide the necessary equipment to make it happen.

At, we can provide the restaurant industry with ALL the floor mats they need, but more importantly, we can also provide the cleaners and sanitizers to make hygiene a sure thing.

Do you need soap dispensers? At we have hand soap dispensers, and Floormat Eco Hand  Soaps to help you fight bacteria and viruses from sticking onto the hands and food of employees and customers.

Owners and management in the restaurant industry know the difficulty of having dry, clean floors in their business. Water and food spills, combined with grease in the kitchen, make slips and falls almost a guaranteed problem with their employees. Floor mats can take care of many problems with water and food spills. But, a degreaser is a much-needed item in the fight against slippery floors.  At, we offer the restaurant industry the Sure Grip Traction Degreaser for their business.  The Sure Grip Traction Degreaser is an alkaline-free product that cleans the floors instead of spreading the grease around. It will leave the floors grease-free and safe for your employees and customers alike.

Regardless of what type of business you have, the need of a floor mat is required in many areas of your business. An entry mat, a logo mat, an anti-fatigue mat are all needed to conduct your daily business.  Furthermore, a stylish floor mat in your business will give a nice impression to your customers, an anti-fatigue floor mat will show your employees you care about their safety and well-being.

If you have any questions about the kind of floormat you need, signage for business, cleaners, or disinfectants, contact us today.  We have a huge inventory of floor mats for your business.