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Why Rubber Floor Mats?

Rubber Floor Mats for indoor and outdoor usage have become increasingly popular in homes and businesses alike. From manufacturing, gyms, restaurants, and hotels, rubber mats are an increasing necessity many businesses cannot afford to ignore.

Rubber Floormats for Businesses

For businesses, the use of rubber floor mats is an essential part of doing business. 

  • It provides the safety needed for its employees to avoid falls and injuries due to spills or debris.  
  • It provides the support required for those employees to stand for long periods of time making them more comfortable and productive
  • it provides them with the support needed to keep them healthy and avoid serious issues with their health; sore muscles, swollen feet, lower back injuries 
  • rubber flooring can provide an added safety measure that protects the employees from serious injuries due to slips and falls.  If a fall occurs, landing on rubber mats can alleviate the severity of the fall and prevent the employee from serious head injuries and broken bones.

There are many advantages to having rubber mats in the workplace to protect the safety of your employees and to boost productivity.  Countless studies have shown the comfort of the employees in the workplace leads to better productivity, fewer injuries, and happier employees overall.

Another industry that can greatly benefit from rubber mats is long-term care facilities. They have one of the high-risk settings where falls among its inhabitants is commonplace. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), 60% of residents in a long-term care facility fall at least once a year, and of that 60 %, 30% of those falls result in an injury where hospitalization for most of them is required.

Preventing falls and injuries and the dire ramifications they entail is a challenge for many of these facilities and their management. The solution for these problems is not clear yet considering the physical challenges of the long-term care facilities elderly population.

But, one of the solutions they find promising is the installation of compliant flooring on these facilities that can help prevent such injuries with their residents. Compliant flooring (low-stiffness flooring) can attenuate the impact of a fall and prevent the subsequent injury among the residents, avoiding emergency visits or hospitalization for many of them.

Rubber mats flooring in many of the common areas in these facilities can help prevent slips and falls for the more vulnerable population. Dining-room halls, bathrooms, recreation areas, or any high traffic area can greatly benefit from beautiful rubber mat flooring that will not only help prevent slips and falls but offer a beautiful accent to the room.

There is an abundance of stores offering mats for your long-term facility that are serviceable without offering much else.  At we offer a wide variety of mats without forgetting the quality, design, and usability they offer.