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Pool Floormats and Safety

Pools and spas are a great place to relax, and hopefully, you have taken a good look at your pool mats. This year, you might not be traveling as much and you might be spending more time home at your pool or spa with your family. Besides sunburns, there are two very dangerous things to address when you are at the pool.

One is the risk of drowning. Make sure kids do not play unsupervised in any pool or even a hot tub, where they could pass out because of the heat and their smaller size, and drown. Also make sure you have the proper fencing, locks, and gating around your pool to prevent kids from going near it when you are not aware and watching. Tragedy can happen in a matter of seconds and it is the pool owner’s responsibility to take necessary precautions and keep a safe environment.

A common issue is also slipping and falling on the slippery surfaces. For this reason, you need to have a variety of pool floormats to reduce the risk and make the environment more comfortable at the same time. offers a variety of pool and spa floormat solutions.

The Wet Step Mat provides anti-fatigue properties as well as letting water freely drain away, making surfaces safer. It also anti-microbial treated to provide a lifetime of odor protection and resistance to degradation.

A Frontier mat is another option. It is a specialty mat that is made from a unique vinyl spaghetti material that is looped together to make a web-like matting. The design will remove dirt and water off of the bottom of your people’s feet and debris will naturally fall to the bottom of the mat. The good thing is cleaning the mat is as simple as shaking out the debris. You can also power wash the matting.

pool mat

There is also Web Trax. It provides slip-resistant footing in wet, barefoot traffic areas, like pools and spas. It is resistant to chemicals commonly found in locker rooms, around saunas, whirlpools, pools, and shower areas. It is made of industrial-grade PVC compound also provides greater resistance to chemicals, oils, and greases. It is also resistant to fungus and mildew. It is UV stable and has built-in fungicide to fight the most common bacteria. The all vinyl construction for durability and ease of care with a low profile.

Any of these pool floormats can make your wet area safer and more pleasant, and you can order your pool floormats today from Be safe and enjoy your summer.