Your Guide To Entrance Mats

Many homes have entrance mats, and you have probably seen the ubiquitous “welcome mat” before, but did you know that the variety of entrance mats available goes way beyond that? The truth is, there are entrance mats to fit every need and every budget—even entrance mats that can make a statement! If you are wondering what type of entrance mats are out there read further. This article will highlight both indoor entrance mats and outdoor entrance mats, and will cover most of the entrance mats available for purchase. All of these mats can be found online, for ease of purchase.


Boulevard Entrance Mats


Boulevard entrance mats are perfect for indoor use, especially for businesses. Boulevard entrance mats are made from strong microfilaments, designed for ultra-aggressive scraping. Additionally, a wave pattern runs across the mat, which ensures that people’s shoes come in contact with both scraping and drying yarns. These mats are also able to absorb a lot of moisture, for those wet or snowy days. They are also known for being extremely durable.


Barrier Rib Antimicrobial Mats


Barrier Rib Antimicrobial Mats


Barrier Rib antimicrobial mats are – like the name implies – designed to stop bacteria from forming. This prevents you from tracking germs inside, and can contribute to the overall hygiene of a home or business. Aside from being sanitary, these mats are also known for being highly fashionable, as they come in a variety of colors and blend with their surroundings. These mats can truly match any décor! Additionally, these indoor mats are great for trapping moisture and debris.


Eco Entrance Mats


Sustainability and environmental consciousness have permeated all aspects of consumer purchasing, and entrance mats are certainly no exception. If you are looking for an entrance mat that is easy on the environment, consider purchasing an eco entrance mat. These entrance mats are made from recycled content. You can even find eco entrance mats that are made from recycled tires! If you wish to combine performance and durability with sustainability, then eco entrance mats are the floor mats for you.


Aqua Trap Entrance Mats


Aqua Trap entrance mats are designed to really soak up moisture. The Aqua Trap mats are known for their molded bubble pattern. This bubble pattern facilitates the scraping and drying process. The Aqua Trap mats also feature a raised “Aqua Dam” that forms a perimeter around the mat and traps moisture and debris.  These mats are also rubber-backed, for extra durability. These mats are a very popular choice for consumers, due to how fashionable they are, as well as for their moisture-trapping power.


A Note On Ordering Entrance Mats Online


If you do choose to order entrance mats online, whether they are indoor or outdoor entrance mats, you should definitely order from a website that offers deals on shipping. Some websites will offer you free shipping if your purchase exceeds a certain value (often very reasonable). Free shipping means that you are able to save big money on the purchase of your entrance mat.

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