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Your Guide To Mats For The Kitchen

Kitchen floor mats are essential to any kitchen, as they prevent slipping, and sop up moisture and spillage, contributing to both the safety and sanitation of the kitchen. Operating a restaurant kitchen without a strong kitchen floor mat is definitely not advisable. The good news is that there are many types of kitchen floor mats available for purchase. If you are wondering exactly what is available in the way of kitchen floor mats, read further. This article will serve as a handy and valuable guide to kitchen floor mats, so that the next time you need to purchase a kitchen floor mat, you will know exactly what is available.

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Grease Hog Indoor Mats


Grease is the sworn enemy of restaurant kitchens everywhere. Anyone who has ever worked in one of these kitchens knows what it is like to constantly be battling grease. Luckily, there are floor mats that can help you combat grease. The Grease Hog indoor mat is specially designed to prevent grease from spreading across floors. The benefits to this are twofold. For one, it prevents grease from being tracked into the dining room, where it becomes a nasty problem for diners, as well as staff. It can also prevent grease from being spread across the kitchen floor, so that employees are much less likely to slip.


Anti Slip Mats


Speaking of slipping; slips and falls are a big problem in restaurant kitchens. On top of grease, you have floors that are often wet and employees that are often scurrying around the kitchen. This, of course, is a very dangerous combination. Anti slip mats can help prevent slips and falls from happening in the kitchen. These mats offer added traction, to prevent employees from falling on slippery surfaces. Place them in the slipperiest areas of your kitchen, like near the sink. Using these in conjunction with Grease Hog mats will greatly increase the safety of your kitchen staff. Even if you do have these mats throughout your kitchen, it is still recommended that employees wear anti slip shoes, for added protection.


WaterHog Mats


Since kitchens are frequently very wet areas, WaterHog mats are necessary for soaking up water. These mats are designed for absorbing moisture, and are great for when employees need to scrape off their feet. It is recommended that you place one of these mats near the entrance of your kitchen.


Purchasing Kitchen Mats


You might be wondering what your best options are for purchasing kitchen mats. Believe it or not, the most convenient option for purchasing kitchen mats is not restaurant supply stores, or carpet stores, but online. There are many websites that sell all of the kitchen mats mentioned above, and some of these websites even offer free shipping on certain purchases. Shop online to find the indoor floor mats that are right for your kitchen. Having these mats shipped directly to your restaurant makes things much more convenient and hassle-free, so start searching for your kitchen mats today.