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Your Guide To Healthcare Matting

Purchasing mats for a healthcare facility (including hospitals, doctors’ offices, and labs) is not as easy as simply going to a rug store and buying a mat that jumps out at you. These facilities have very unique – and very crucial – needs, and there are medical floor mats that are specifically designed to meet these needs. If you are wondering what these needs are, and what mats will best meet them, read further. When it comes to healthcare matting, you will want to look for products that ensure safety, of both the staff and the patients. This article will suggest mats that contribute to employee and patient safety.

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Anti-Microbial Mats

It is no secret that healthcare facilities have a higher exposure to germs than most other types of facilities. It is also no secret that these facilities need to be held to the absolute highest standards when it comes to maintaining a sterile environment. Most people are aware of the fact that germs can spread through the air, from hand to mouth, and from unsanitary medical equipment. What people are, unfortunately, not as aware of is that germs can also be spread via the floor! Germs that wind up on the floor wind up on people’s shoes, and can therefore be tracked throughout the facility. This puts staff and patients in grave danger of infection. Fortunately, anti microbial floor mats are made for the express purpose of preventing the spread of germs. These mats trap germs, debris, and moisture, while inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungus. This will help keep your floors clean and antiseptic, and help keep your medical facility safe for all who use it.

Mats That Reduce Staff Fatigue

Fatigue is a big problem for staff at hospitals across the country. It is easy to see why: it is a hectic, fast-paced environment with lots of stress, people work long and odd hours, and employees are often either standing on their feet or scurrying around to treat patients. Fatigue can also be very dangerous in a hospital setting! When staff member are tired, mistakes are more likely to be made, in any industry. For obvious reasons, these mistakes are especially consequential in a hospital setting. In order to do their important work properly, medical workers need to feel energized.

Getting plenty of rest, eating right, and taking adequate breaks can help reduce fatigue, but there are other ways of reducing it as well. Believe it or not, floor mats can actually reduce fatigue. Anti fatigue mats are designed to provide extra cushioning to workers who need it the most. Utilizing these mats, along with the right shoes, will greatly reduce instances of fatigue in your hospital or medical setting. As with anti microbial mats, anti fatigue mats can be purchased online for a reasonable price. That being said, the cost of not having these mats is very high. If you are looking to reduce fatigue at your healthcare facility, purchase anti fatigue mats as soon as possible.