Martinson-Nicholls Medical Matting

Histology Lab Carpet Mats, GelPro Surgical Anti-fatigue Mats

ViSpa Histology Lab Carpet Matting photo

Floor Mats Engineered for Medical and Laboratory Applications

ViSpa Histology Lab Carpet Matting photoViSpa Histology Lab Wax Trapper Matting
This durable vinyl loop carpet mat traps paraffin that causes slips and falls, improving safety.

3D Foot Rest for Laboratories photoViSpa 3D Foot Rest for Laboratories
Double layer construction for laboratories dramatically reduces back, foot and leg fatigue.

Vibration isolating ViSpa Pad under microscope photoViSpa Laboratory Vibration Isolation Padding
Inhibit noise and vibration under lab equipment including centrifuges and microscopes.

GelPro surgical mat photoGelPro Surgical Mats
Anti-fatigue matting for surgeons, doctors, nurses and medical technicians.

anti-microbial, anti-fatigue healthcare matting masthead photoAnti-fatigue & Antimicrobial Sof-Tred™, Sof-Tyle™, Comfort-Eze™ & Airug® Disposable Surgical Mats
Ergonomic comfort and support for healthcare workers

anti-microbial mat in use in a laboratoryComfort-King Anti-Microbial
Anti-fatigue • Anti-microbial • Electro-static Dissiptive (ESD) Mats

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