Your Guide To Healthcare Matting

Purchasing mats for a healthcare facility (including hospitals, doctors’ offices, and labs) is not as easy as simply going to a rug store and buying a mat that jumps out at you. These facilities have very unique – and very crucial – needs, and there are medical floor mats that are specifically designed to meet … Continued

Your Guide To Entrance Mats

Many homes have entrance mats, and you have probably seen the ubiquitous “welcome mat” before, but did you know that the variety of entrance mats available goes way beyond that? The truth is, there are entrance mats to fit every need and every budget—even entrance mats that can make a statement! If you are wondering … Continued

Your Guide To Mats For The Kitchen

Kitchen floor mats are essential to any kitchen, as they prevent slipping, and sop up moisture and spillage, contributing to both the safety and sanitation of the kitchen. Operating a restaurant kitchen without a strong kitchen floor mat is definitely not advisable. The good news is that there are many types of kitchen floor mats … Continued