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4 Things You Need To Know About Commercial Entrance Mats

Entrance mats are usually installed across the main doorway of any building for floor protection purposes, floor safety, and aesthetic appeal. Also called entryway mats, entrance floor mats are regarded as both interior and outdoor floor mast because they extend both ways. Some entrance floor mats are installed either just outside the door or just inside the house. But the most functional entrance floor mats extend across the doorway thereby connecting the outdoors and the interior of the house. Like all other floor mats, all entrance mats can be classified as either residential or commercial entrance mats. Residential entrance mats are designed for home use while commercial entrance mats are designed for office or industrial use. Commercial entrance mats are usually tougher and of superior quality than residential entrance mats. This is mainly because commercial entrance mats are meant for heavier human traffic than residential entrance mats. This article features four important things that you need to know about commercial entrance mats.

They Protect Workers And Customers

One of the main uses of all floor mats is floor safety. All floor mats are installed to prevent accidental falls on the floor. Entrance floor mats are specially designed to prevent slip-and-fall accidents at the main doorway. These mats come in handy when the outdoor weather conditions are wet and rainy. All entrance floor mats have anti slip properties. This means that they provide traction to the user thereby preventing him from falling on a slippery floor. Commercial entrance floor mats ensure floor safety in the workplace. These mats protect your employees as well as your customers from slipping and falling while entering your business premises.

They Keep Floors Clean, Dry, And In Good Condition

Another major use of all floor mats is floor protection. All floor matting solutions are used to keep the floors clean, dry, and in good condition. Commercial entrance mats are used to keep the interior floors of any office building or production facility clean and dry. The many workers and clients visiting the commercial building come with all kinds of dirt and debris under their shoes. The commercial entrance mat tarps all this dirt, moisture, and debris before the person enters the commercial building. This keeps the floors clean and dry. It also protects the floors from scrapes by dirt and debris trapped in the soles of users’ shoes.

They Project A Professional Outlook

You should be very careful when selecting entrance mats for your place of business. Unlike residential entrance mats that can be cozy and casual, commercial entrance mats should be classy and professional. You should also ensure that your commercial entrance mat is of high quality. Remember that the first thing that your client sees when entering your business premises is your entrance floor mat. If you have a high quality classic entrance mat, the client will have a very good impression of you and your business.commercial entry mat

They Should Be Used For Brand Promotion And Marketing

You should exploit the marketing potential of commercial entrance mats. You should have your commercial entrance mats customized with your trademarked logo and brand. Commercial entrance mats offer a highly effective marketing and advertising medium. Customers visiting your business premises should encounter your custom logo mat at the main doorway.