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6 Types Of Floor Mats That Are Installed Indoors

Floor mats are generally designed for indoor installation. This means that most floor mats are installed indoors. These are what we call interior floor mats. But there are a few types of floor mats that are designed for outdoor installation. These can be referred to as outdoor floor mats. Outdoor floor mats are usually made from tough materials because they have to withstand the harsh outdoor weather and environmental conditions. Interior mats tend to be cozier and aesthetically pleasing to enhance the interior décor of the house. Entrance or entryway mats are quite unique because they qualify as both indoor and outdoor floor mats. Entrance floor mats can extend from inside the house to a few feet outside the door. This means that they are both interior and outdoor floor mats. Today we are going to look at six types of floor mats that are designed for indoor installation.

Anti Fatigue Floor Mats

Anti fatigue floor mats are usually installed indoors in commercial settings. These are specially designed mats for relieving fatigue in the workplace. Anti fatigue floor mats usually feature a cushiony foam material sandwiched between two hard rubber or vinyl backings. The cushiony material provides buoyancy to a person standing on the anti fatigue mat for a very long time. This relieves stress and strain from the muscles of the user and also enhances blood circulation in the body. Anti fatigue floor mats are highly recommendable in workplaces where the employees or even customers have to stand for long hours.

Indoor Heated Mats

Heated mats are all types of mats that use electrical energy to provide heat inside or outside the house. Some heated mats are installed outdoors while many others are installed indoors. Outdoor heated mats are mainly used to melt snow on pavements and walkways. Indoor heated mats are installed underneath chairs and couches to provide warmth during the cold season. Heated mats are regarded as anti fatigue mats because thy prevent numbness and enhance comfort in the workplace.

Chair Mats

Chair mats are designed for indoor installation beneath office chairs. These mats are used to protect the floors from scrapes when the user is moving the chair. They also ensure a quite serene workplace because there are no dragging noises. Some chair mats also come with anti fatigue properties. This means that they ensure that the user does not get tired when sitting for long in his chair. Most chair mats are also heated mats and hence provide warmth in the workplace.heated-chair-mat-02

Medical Mats

Medical mats are specially designed floor mats that prevent cross contamination in the workplace. Most medical mats have antimicrobial properties to prevent germs and bacteria from thriving in medical settings. These mats are usually installed inside the medical facilities to ensure a sterile working environment.

Anti Slip Floor Mats

Anti slip floor mats can be installed indoors and outdoors. Indoor anti slip floor mats are installed in areas where the floors are frequently wet and slippery. These mats are used to prevent slip-and-fall accidents in the house.

Logo Mats

Logo mats are mainly used to promote a brand and for other marketing purposes. Logo mats are usually customized with the brand or logo of a company. Hey are strategically placed in interior spaces where the clients can see them frequently to embed the marketing message in their minds.