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Antislip Tape for Stairs & More

Antislip tape is great for those smooth stairs. Whether in public or in a home with wooden stairs, the antislip tape can reduce the risk of slips and falls.

You can get clear antislip tape if you want to hide it and still see the beautiful wood below.

White antislip tape is often used around pools or in kitchens with white flooring.

glow in dark egress marking tape

Glow in the dark antislip tape helps people see steps and inclines in the dark. You can get fluorescent antislip tape where the whole thing glows in the dark or just a stripe down the middle of the antislip tape that glows in the dark.

Many professionals keep antislip products handy and do things like put antislip tape on ladders, ramps, and platforms to protect themselves.

In fact, the navy uses antislip tape all over the vessels and replaces it very regularly to protect sailors.

Antislip tape has probably prevented many thousands of injuries over the years. It is impossible to count all the times people would have fallen but did not.

But does anti-slip tape look ugly?

It does not have to be very noticeable. Antislip tape comes in so many different colors that it can blend with the surface it is on. We already mentioned clear and white antislip tape. It also comes in black, blue, green, red, fluorescent green, yellow, orange, fluorescent yellow, beige, gray, and fluorescent pink colors. So it can be obvious or it can blend in, depending on what you are looking for.

Most people do not look at the antislip tape and think it is unattractive. People see antislip tape as a sign that the location cares about the safety of the people in the place. If they think about it at all, they will associate it with a positive. And people are used to seeing antislip tape all over the place.

The real question is, when someone slips and falls, or almost falls, what do they think about the location? Immediately, it seems like an unsafe place you need to be careful of. They may walk around your location mostly focused on not slipping and falling, instead of paying attention to what you want them to focus on.

For this reason, any public place should use antislip tape. It should be used in public restrooms. It should be used near water, such as docks. And if you are not in a desert (and it sometimes rains in your area), outdoor decks, outside steps, smooth walkways, and porches can all use antislip tape to help people not get hurt.

The fact is, compared to an injury, the antislip tape is cheap. It can be easily replaced cheaply with a roll of antislip tape you keep on hand. There is no reason to not apply this basic necessity for any business or even in the home of someone who is a fall risk.