Business Floor Mats – All Year Round

With the excessive rain and melting snow, many people enter a business’s lobby to find it wet, slippery, dirty, and dangerous to the people that work or want to do business there. Many businesses try to prevent injuries by providing their employees and customers with yellow signs that warn them of wet floors or spills.  The … Continued

Snow Melting Mats For Winter Safety

Floormat.com sells floor mats all over the world.  But we sell a lot of floor mats in the US and especially as winter approaches (The slip and fall season, if you are not prepared) we sell a lot of snow melting mats to people in colder parts of the US. But not just the type … Continued

Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

There are a lot of reasons to use anti-fatigue floor mats.  There are uses in commercial, education and home that can make a big difference in people’s lives as well as productivity.  Here are some common uses for them. If you spend time in the kitchen cooking and your legs get sore, you do not … Continued

5 Ways to Use Floormats To Prevent Icy Slips and Falls

Heated Outdoor Mats – One of the best ways to prevent slips and falls in the Winter is to use heated outdoor floormats (maybe we should call them sidewalk mats, or ground mats?) These heated mats work to keep ice off of key areas such as just outside doors and even along walkways.  An unexpected … Continued

Non-Typical Floormat Uses

Five Reasons To Get More Floormats There are a lot of reasons to have floormats in your home or business.  There are the obvious reasons such as reducing slips and falls, and the less common reasons, such as using a heated floormat to melt snow on a walkway.  Here are five reasons that apply to … Continued

Pool and Spa Mats

As the winter has come to an end and the summer is around the corner, pools and spas will be popular destinations at hotels, community centers, and backyards. At Floormat.com, we take pool safety seriously; and we are currently offering a Spring Sale on three of our product lines. Frontier Mat The Frontier Mat is recommended for use around pools, … Continued

Tips For Cleaning Commercial Carpet Floor Mats

Commercial floor mats are usually designed for medium to heavy foot traffic. This means that these mats are produced from strong durable materials or fabrics like rubber, vinyl, or carpet fibers, which can withstand heavy usage. Commercial floor mats are all mats designed for placement in commercial and industrial buildings and worksites. These mats come … Continued

Benefits Of Installing Heated Mats In The Office

Matting companies now produce all kinds heated matting products for home and office use. Heated matting products are specially designed floor mats with an electrical heating element for producing warmth during the cold season. Heated mats are also used in commercial settings where workers work in chilly conditions. Heated mats are also installed outdoors during … Continued

Advantages Of Installing Rubber Mats In The Workplace

Floor mats are made from many different materials or fabrics. We have carpet floor mats, which are made from carpet fibers. These mats usually come in many tasty colors and designs. We also have polyethylene and polypropylene floor mats, which are made from thermoplastic polymers. These mats last for a very long time and are … Continued

Importance Of Installing Floor Mats On Stairways

Floor mats are installed in all floor spaces in the house. You can install floor mats anywhere in the house but there are a few strategic places where the mats are really necessary. One such strategic place is the entrance or entryway of your house. You should install an entrance or entryway floor mat at … Continued
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