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Floor Mats: A Quick Guide

When most people think of floor mats, they think of the little welcome mats placed in front of homes and businesses. While this is certainly a very popular type of floor mat, this is just the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to this product. A knowledgeable consumer can find a floor mat for just about every environment and occasion: from surgical floor mats for hospitals, to anti-slip mats for restaurants or industrial facilities. This article will provide some brief information about the types of floor mats that are out there. There might even be some mats out there that could benefit you tremendously!


Floor Mats For The Home


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There are many types of floor mats that you can purchase for your home–varieties that go far beyond your typical welcome mats. For one, if you recently had a baby, you might want to look into purchasing interlocking foam pads for your floors. These relatively cheap mats give the baby a soft surface to crawl on. These mats can be easily removed for when the adults are using the room. Another pad you may wish to purchase – which is helpful for people of all ages – is an anti-slip pad. You place these under your rugs, so that they don’t slide around when you step on them. These are very useful for keeping you and your family safe and your room orderly. If you have a home gym or workout room (an increasingly popular feature in homes these days) you will likely want to purchase “weight room” mats: strong rubber mats that absorb the impact from dropped weights. These mats are essential for protecting the floor of your weight room.


Other Types Of Floor Mats


Just as there are many varieties of floor mats for the home, there are also many varieties for restaurants, factories, and healthcare facilities. Many people do not know this, but most hospitals utilize surgical floor mats – also known as anti-fatigue mats – which are scientifically designed to reduce the pain that doctors and nurses would feel in their legs and feet after a long shift of scurrying around on a hospital floor. Such mats serve a very specific, but very important purpose! Similarly, anti-slip mats serve a very important purpose in a restaurant or industrial setting. Such mats provide much-needed traction to employees who are constantly walking around on wet or slippery floors. These mats help keep workers safe on the job.


As you see, there are many different types of mats available on the market: mats that help keep you and your family comfortable and safe, mats that help protect your floors, mats that provide relief to workers who are always on their feet, mats that help ensure workplace safety, and (yes), mats that you can wipe your feet on before entering a home. There are many stores and websites that you can browse in order to find the floor mat that is right for your specific needs.