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Floor Mats and Other Anti-Slip Products

Slipping and falling is a major cause for injuries in the US.  Sadly, this is also a safety issue that’s risk can be greatly reduced with simple floor mats.  Our company has a large assortment of floor mats, anti-slip products and safety products to meet the needs of any organization, even home owners, who want to reduce falling risks and improve the safety of a location. has many different options depending on what you need.  And many different types of businesses need to have safe floor mats and non-slip surfaces.

Floor Mats

One category is our traditional floor mat category. This has floor mats that can be used in schools, assisted living, gyms and fitness areas, restaurants, offices (think floor mats for fatigue) and manufacturing, to name just some of our categories.  We also have floor mats for home (residential use) which are very popular.

Heated Mats

Our heated floor mats are very popular in colder climates, where they can keep your feet warm, melt snow or keep you warm in your chair.

Anti-Slip Tapes and Treads

Of course, one of the most important places to reduce a fall risk is on stairs.  We have many anti-slip tapes that have a variety of uses, including for slippery stairs.  These are a must for anyone with hard surface stairs.

Anti-Slip Coatings

Another option is to use anti-slip coatings that you can apply directly to floor surfaces.  They provide a slip-resistant surface while providing a clear finish and are Available in three grit styles for depending on your need. products are used extensively in healthcare, around water such as pools and in hotels and other public locations where slipping is a risk.

If you have people in a business, you must do what you can to reduce slip and fall accidents.  The average medical bills for a slip and fall accident are over $30,000 and it is the leading cause of injury, with over 1,000,000 people going to the emergency room each year for a slip and fall injury.  Slip and fall injuries are also the most common source of brain injuries.  Protecting the people who work in your organization as well as customers coming into your organization is the right thing to do.  Something as simple as floor mats can save lives, reduce the chance of a lawsuit and reduce the number of missed days by employees who fall at work and require time off.  Floor safety is smart, simple and much cheaper than the alternatives.  Plus it is just the right thing to do.