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How To Prolong The Life Of Your Medical Floor Mats

Medical mats are specially designed floor mats that are sued in healthcare facilities and in other medical settings. Medical floor mats are quite distinct from other floor mats because they feature a sterilizing agent for killing and inhibiting the growth of bacteria and other dieses causing pathogens in all medical settings. These mats are specifically designed for use in medical settings. There are special medical floor mats for specific medical applications. These special medical mats come with specific functional features to suit specific medical applications. For instance, surgical floor mats feature anti-fatigue properties to provide ergonomic comfort to surgeons and surgical staff that have to stand for long hours when performing an operation. Almost all medical floor mats are slip-resistant to ensure floor safety on the wet and slippery hospital floors. The sterilizing agent in these medical floor mats does not wear out, which means that they can prevent cross-contamination for a very long time before they get old and wear out. Medical floor mats are also used to keep hospital floors clean and dry. You can prolong the life of your medical floor mats by doing the following.

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Proper Installation

You should always ensure proper installation of your medical floor mats if you wish to have them for long. You should choose your medical floor mats carefully to ensure that you have the right ones for specific applications. There are different types of medical floor mats based on the site of installation. At the most basic level, we have indoor and outdoor medical floor mats. Outdoor floor mats are generally tougher and hardier than indoor floor mats. You should make sure that you install the designated outdoor floor mats outside and interior medical floor mats inside the building. We also have entryway or entrance medical floor mats that are placed across the main doorway stretching both inside and outside the building. You should hire a qualified and highly competent matting dealer to install your medical floor mats in order to ensure proper installation and quality guarantees.

Proper And Regular Cleaning

You should have all your medical floor mats cleaned on a regular basis. Make sure that the mats are cleaned properly to ensure that they function effectively. Dirty floor mats do not trap dirt and grime as expected. People tend to scrape their shoes more on such mats because they can’t trap the grime and dirt effectively, thereby wearing them out fast. They also project a very nasty image of your medical facility. You can have your janitors sweep, vacuum, and dry-mop the medical floor mats several times a day. But you should also organize a thorough cleaning session with a professional carpet or mat cleaner. This will ensure that your medical floor mats are in excellent working condition, which will also promote their longevity.

Inspect And Repair Worn-Out Mat Edges

You should make a point of inspecting all your medical floor mats on a regular basic to ensure that they are in excellent condition. Pay particular attention to the edges because they are more prone to flaring and damages than the rest of the mat. If you discover any flaring along the edges, you should have the mats repaired immediately and the edges replaced. You should also consider replacing your medical floor mats if they are too old and worn out.