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Importance Of Installing Floor Mats On Stairways

Floor mats are installed in all floor spaces in the house. You can install floor mats anywhere in the house but there are a few strategic places where the mats are really necessary. One such strategic place is the entrance or entryway of your house. You should install an entrance or entryway floor mat at the main doorway of your house. Entrance floor mats are usually made from very strong materials or fabrics, such as rubber, carpet fibers, and polypropylene. You can add a welcoming message to the face of your entrance floor mat to invite your guests inside the house. Another strategic place where you should install floor mats in the house is the sitting or living area. This is the floor space with the heaviest foot traffic in the house. The mats will ensure floor safety in this area and also protect the floors from damage and dirt. Floor mats should also be installed on stairways and stair wells. The main reasons why you should install floor mats in a stairway in any residential or commercial building include the following.

Floor Safety

Many slip, trip, and fall accidents occur on stairways. Many people have hurt themselves after falling down the staircase. Whether it’s an indoor staircase or an outdoor stairway, floor mats can significantly minimize the risk of slipping and falling down the stairs. In addition to the handrails that we use to support ourselves while going up or down the stairs, you need floor mats to enhance the traction between your feet and the ground. You can also install treads on the stairway to enhance traction and prevent accidental falls on the stairs.

Floor Protection

Floor mats protect the floor from damage by foot traffic. People entering a building have all kinds of coarse substances in the soles of their feet. Gravel, dirt, small rocks, and other debris can scratch and damage the floors in your house. You can prevent floor damage by installing floor mats in the house. The same case applies to the staircase. People exert a lot of pressure on the floor as the climb up the stairs. This can cause the floor to bend and scratch as one walks on it. A floor mat will help reduce this pressure and maintain the floors in god condition.


Floor mats will also ensure that your staircase remains clean like the rest of the house. People carry all manner of dirt, debris, and moisture into the house. Having a floor mat on your interior floors and on the staircase ensures that the whole house remains clean.


Carpeted floors are very appealing. This is especially so if you choose a nice color and a classic surface design of your floor mats. You shouldn’t just install floor mats on the floors in the house and leave the staircase bare. This will undermine the interior décor of your house. Installing floor mats on your staircase will make the whole place look the same giving the whole house a beautiful outlook.

Melt Snow

heated matsOutdoor pavements and staircases are covered with snow during the cold season. A heated floor mat can help melt the snow faster and keep your outdoor pavements and staircases safe. Heated mats have an electrical heating element that produces heat energy to melt snow and also to provide warmth in the house when the weather is chilly.