Sports & Recreation

    Basketball arenas, football stadiums, convention centers, and high school track & field environments have all been enhanced by our matting systems and innovative products, while greatly reducing slip and fall risks. We accomplish this by offering and installing specialized wall to wall matting from locker rooms, through stadium tunnels, to the field of play. Additionally, we recommend anti-slip tape and tread for bleacher steps and seating areas, as well as wet area matting around drinking fountains and concession areas. And to best protect all-weather tracks during other sporting events, we provide a specially constructed vinyl loop material that safeguards track surfaces, is extremely resistant, and easy to clean.

    Anti Slip Tape & Treads

    Anti-slip tape and tread products can be an important safety feature for your home or business, preventing slips and falls wherever you work and live. These products are ideal for steps and stairs, and anywhere where added traction is required.

    Cleaners & Aseptics

    We offer all natural, eco-friendly waterless hand soaps, which clean and condition hands without drying the skin. We also supply the remarkable cleaning power of industry specific non-alkaline aseptic cleaners, which even add anti-slip friction to the floor’s surface, assuring safety.


    Our extensive line of entryway and indoor floor mats protect and decorate floors and entrances, while helping with dirt removal, and providing anti-slip assurance. We also inventory an innovative system of outdoor and indoor heated mats.

    Noise & Vibration

    Reduce noise and vibration beneath industrial, laboratory, and home equipment. We recommend and supply premium grade continuous bonded product that is specifically engineered to inhibit noise levels in manufacturing settings.

    Specialty Products

    We supply more than mats. From home safety to green products and from pioneering Glo Brite® Eco Exit™ signs utilizing the latest photoluminescent technology in the event of an emergency or black out, to pest control products such as, Nature’s Defense comprised of 100% organic granules, and Goose Chase repellents.