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Where to Buy Anti-Slip Tape

There are many types of anti-slip tape that you can buy.  Different environments need different solutions.  Indoor anti-slip tape for stairs is entirely different from outdoor anti-slip tape for around a pool or on a deck.  Many surfaces get slippery and can use these products to improve safety.

Buy Anti-Slip Tape at does not only sell floormats.  They specialize in all types of floor safety products that help reduce slip and fall risks.  This includes floormats, anti-slip tapes, handrail grip tape, stair treads, and products that clean these things as well.

Anti-slip tapes have more than one use as well.  Some are designed to stop a person from slipping and falling on a smooth surface, such as stairs, a deck or a walkway.  Other tapes are designed to hold something else in place, like stopping the floormat from slipping.  By holding floormats in place better, they are less likely to be trip and fall hazard, or slowly move as people walk on them until they are getting in the way of a door closing.

The types of anti-slip tape you can buy at are Floormat Anti Slip Tape, Anti-Slip Step Tape, Specialty Step Treads with safety warnings printed on them, Aqua Safe Anti Slip Waterproof Tape for around the water, and many other types of tapes that reduce safety risks.

You might be wondering, is anti-slip take appropriate in residential homes as well as commercial buildings?

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Of course, safety should be a top concern for everyone, and these products can help prevent slip and fall injuries.  Especially if the home has older adults who are at a greater risk, these produces can be used in the bathrooms, on the stairs, and even in the kitchen to help surfaces not become slippery if they become wet.  Falls are one of the leading causes of serious injury for older adults and if you have parents living alone that are at a greater risk, this is an inexpensive way to help reduce their risk and give you peace of mind.

Stairs are always an issue for the elderly, for people wearing heals, for kids in socks, etc.  If you have hard wood stairs having a good tread or anti-slip tape on the stairs helps keep anyone using them safe by reducing the slip risk on the stairs.

If you are not sure which anti-slip tape is best for your situation, you can always call at 614-207-2234 and ask for help. Our specialty is floor safety with floormats and anti-slip tape products, and we can assist you in choosing what works best for your situation and also what amount you might need.