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Can Floormats Save You Money?

It is nice to see actual savings adding up in your bank account.  However, sometimes savings is hidden because preventative things cut down on expenses you do not realize you avoided.

Safety precautions, like floormats in a place of business, are a major cost saver that will go unnoticed in most cases because you do not think about all the costs that are saved associated with having a good floor covering.  Let’s run through some of the ways floormats save you money.

1. Icy Falls – Since there are floormats for inside and outside, and some are specifically floormats that melt ice outside an entrance, you can imagine that reducing risk, reducing time spent cleaning snow and ice, and reducing injuries can potentially save many thousands of dollars in labor, lost labor if an employee falls and gets hurt, and potential legal action if a customer slips and falls at your door.

ice melting mats

2. Cleaning – Good floormats strategically placed around a place of business can also keep the area cleaner.  This might not seem like a major way to save money, but even cutting cleaning costs by an hour a week at $15 an hour could save a business $780 dollars a year.  That probably will cover the cost of your floormats over time and save you money in the long run.

3. Marketing Branded floormats are also a smart way to add brand awareness, which can lead to customer loyalty.  Having branded floormats can be useful at trade shows, in showrooms, in entrances, and any high-traffic area.  The low cost of a branded floormat compared to other marketing can save you money.  Imagine it is like a billboard without the monthly cost.

4. Illness – Not surprisingly, shoes track in a lot of bacteria and pathogens.  While they remain on the floor, for the most part, do not underestimate the number of times something touches the floor and then someone touches that item.  Boxes, dropped car keys, a piece of paper that falls, etc.  Things touch the ground and without good quality floormats in your entranceway, you are going to have more illnesses in your location.  When employees call off sick, you lose money.  Cutting down on illnesses, and floormats are one way to reduce risk, is a good way to save. 

5. Wet Floor Falls – While not all places need to have floormats for wet floors, other places are essential.  You are going to lose money with slip and falls if you have them.  Having wet floor signs and floormats to make it safer to walk places that are frequently wet, like locker rooms, entrances, near pools, in kitchens, etc. is a practice that saves you money every time a fall does not happen.  It is impossible to know how often it would have caused an injury, but good floormats and low instances of injuries are a good sign.

6. Greasy Floors – Just like wet floors, greasy floors are dangerous.  Even more dangerous as grease is a very slippery substance.  That is why most health departments require commercial kitchens to have heavy-duty floormats that will protect workers from falls.  Keep in mind, if they get a lot of grease on their shoes and later walk out, this can also track grease out where more customers might be, so it is important to combine different types of floormats in kitchen environments to reduce slip and fall risks, as well as enable cleaning off shoes before leaving the area.

7. Breakage – If you are in an environment where people are handling things that are breakable, remember a good floormat can reduce the chance of something that is dropped, breaking. Over time this saves you money on replacing things like plates, glasswear, glass and anything else that could break if dropped on a hard surface.

These are just some of the more obvious things to consider when you are looking at floormats.  Because they can save you time, money and improve branding, you do not want to skimp on cheap floormats.  Instead, remember that floormats are saving you money and doing a job that often goes unnoticed, but you would definitely notice it if you did not have them.

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