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Heated Floormats for Office Chairs

Heating an office to optimize productivity and heating costs can be tricky.  It is very hard to keep everyone happy since some people will be cold and some people will be too warm.

In a large office area, there are definitely some issues with heating in the Winter.  The last thing you want to do is have the space too warm, as it can make people sleepy and hurt productivity.  Also, some people like their workspace warmer than other people, and if it is too warm for some people, then there is no way to cool it down for just them.

Instead, the smart solution is to save money and keep people awake by having it slightly cool.  People who get cold easier can dress more warmly.  And people who like to be cool, will dress appropriately as well.  This, of course, saves the business money on the heating bill as well.

But the last thing you want is to make employees feel like you are too cheap to heat the office or that you do not care about them.  That is why having a heated chair mat is crucial.  The heated chair mat is cheaper than having everyone running space heaters, and it is effective at warming someone’s feet while keeping their upper body cooler.  This way people do not feel overheated or sleepy.

Hiring and training new employees is very expensive and time consuming.  People often quit jobs for little things, like not feeling appreciated.  Maybe just because they always feel a little bit too cold in the office. Having heated office chair mats sends the signal that a business cares about employees down to the small details.  The low cost of a heated office chair mat could pay big dividends compared to replacing employees who do not feel comfortable at work.  And each employee can turn on or off their office chair heated mat as desired, so they can adjust to their comfort level.

Besides heated floormats for under office chairs, you can get heated outside mats that melt snow at the entrance, so your employees are not trudging through snow to get into work.  This shows them you care because you are keeping the walkway clear and reducing the risk of slipping and falling. also has anti-slip tapes and coatings that can be used in breakrooms or bathrooms where a little bit of water could cause a hazard.  Attention to detail definitely sends the signal to employees that you can about them and value them.  Check out our catalog of floor mats today,