Residential Heated Mats & Stair Treads

    Outdoor heated mats and heated stair treads melt snow & ice for safe footing without shoveling or chemicals

    HOTFlake Walkway / Driveway Mat

    Canadian designed, HOTflake™’s anti-slip, inter-connectible heating mats are manufactured in 100 percent virgin, moulded SBR rubber. The patented, waterproof heated wiring embedded within the mats melt snow and ice ON CONTACT, thereby protecting you from slips and fall accidents.

    HOT-blocks Door / Landing Mat

    Avoid the hazardous fall on the ice this winter! The HOT-blocks outdoor industrial heated mats have been designed for keeping stairs, doorways, handicapped ramps, walkways and alleyways safe and ice free!. They are safe and secure from accidents due to slipping and falling. They melt snow and ice on contact. The HOT-blocks outdoor heated mats are designed to withstand harsh winter conditions.

    Heated Entrance Mats & Heated Stair Treads

    Melt snow & ice outside your facility for safer footing

    RugBuddy Carpet or Rug Heating

    A unique, energy-efficient electric space heater for under area rugs. Keep warm in proven solution. RugBuddy is great for the elderly and even in dog and cat beds.

    Heated Chair Mat System

    RugBuddy and Spiffy Vinyl matting provide warm, radiant heat from under your chair or workstation

    Radiant Heat Panels

    Keep your legs warm and comfortable

    Super Foot Warmer

    Safe and economical – using one tenth the energy of dangerous space heaters

    Foot Warmer™

    This is our Best-Selling Foot Warmer™ heated mat warms up to an intense 150°F while using the same electricity as a light bulb!
    • It powers on just 120 watts; 92% less than a standard 1,500 watt space heater
    • TUV Listed - meeting strict safety standards
    • Warms feet directly through shoes or boots
    • Perfect for under desks & standing work stations
    • May be used to melt snow from boots, leaving them warm & dry
    Safe and economical – using one tenth the energy of dangerous space heaters

    Ice-Away Heated Mat

    Melt Snow & Provide Safer Footing