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Medical Matting Solutions For The Healthcare Field

When speaking of the medical field, one word that is consistently addressed is the term sterile. The term sterile is defined being free from bacteria or living organisms. We expect medical facilities to be cleaner than most locations. Medical mats are vital to the comfort of staff, and keeping the facility contaminant free.

medical matting solutions

The Benefits Of Medical Matting


Medical matting is beneficial to all medical personnel. It provides a hygienic area for staff to carry out their duties. The mats are commonly used in surgical and operating rooms. They provide anti-fatigue relief, while also ensuring that no fluids or liquids are absorbed. The mats provide a comfortable place for staff to stand for extended periods of time.

Sticky mats are a common style of matting used in hospital facilities. They help remove dirt and debris from a staff’s shoes, so they do not carry it into sterile areas. The mats are common to their retail brethren, except they offer an added layer of defense.


Types Of Medical Matting


There are several diverse types of matting options that can be used inside of a medical facility or hospital. These mats include the traditional medical mat, sterile room anti-fatigue matting, sticky mats, and anti-microbial floor mats. These matting options serve an important purpose of keeping a medical facility safe and contaminant free.


Traditional Medical Mat


The traditional medical mat is designed for one individual to stand on it at a time. These mats are commonly employed in operating rooms. They are engineered with a patented gel technology. The gel that is placed in the mat is designed to alleviate stress off surgeons, doctors, or technologist’s legs, as they are performing their duties. The mats possess anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties.


Sterile Room Anti-Fatigue Matting


This matting option is ideal for laboratories, and surgical rooms. They can be used in any area of a medical facility that requires the environment to be microbe-free. The anti-microbial surface of the mat is designed to never wear out, and can withstand hospital sterilization procedures.


Sticky Mats


Sticky mats are a vital matting solution for a medical facility. These mats help to ensure that sterile areas remain that way. Not to mention, they help improve the air quality within a facility. The mats are designed to remove all trapped debris and dirt from shoes. Its sticky consistency, ensures that everything is properly removed and does not get tracked elsewhere.


Anti-Microbial Mats


Anti-microbial mats will trap dirt and debris, while also providing an environmentally safe anti-bacterial agent. The agent provided by the mats will never wear off. This matting solution is designed to kill 99.9 percent of germs, when they encounter its surface. The mat features a fabric top, and a rubber backing that helps keep it in place. It is oil, grease, mildew and stain resistant.

Medical matting differs from traditional matting solutions. Medical facilities are required to adhere to strict guidelines pertaining cleanliness. The traditional medical mat, sterile room fatigue matting, sticky mats, and anti-microbial mats are just a few matting options that medical facilities have. The mats selected will be based off the duties carried out in a facility.