Floormat Benefits You Have Not Thought About

Common uses for floormats - they are about as common as doors when you think about it.

Heated Floormats for Office Chairs

Heating an office to optimize productivity and heating costs can be tricky.  It is very hard to keep everyone happy since some people will be cold and some people will be too warm. In a large office area, there are definitely some issues with heating in the Winter.  The last thing you want to do … Continued

Floormats in Car Dealerships

If there is one place that needs great floormats it is in a car dealership in the Winter.  There is a large amount of foot traffic in the showroom and you also probably have multiple entryways, and without high quality floormats, the car dealership will not stay clean and cars may get more dirty from … Continued

Business Floor Mats – All Year Round

With the excessive rain and melting snow, many people enter a business’s lobby to find it wet, slippery, dirty, and dangerous to the people that work or want to do business there. Many businesses try to prevent injuries by providing their employees and customers with yellow signs that warn them of wet floors or spills.  The … Continued

Snow Melting Mats For Winter Safety

Floormat.com sells floor mats all over the world.  But we sell a lot of floor mats in the US and especially as winter approaches (The slip and fall season, if you are not prepared) we sell a lot of snow melting mats to people in colder parts of the US. But not just the type … Continued

Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

There are a lot of reasons to use anti-fatigue floor mats.  There are uses in commercial, education and home that can make a big difference in people’s lives as well as productivity.  Here are some common uses for them. If you spend time in the kitchen cooking and your legs get sore, you do not … Continued

5 Ways to Use Floormats To Prevent Icy Slips and Falls

Heated Outdoor Mats – One of the best ways to prevent slips and falls in the Winter is to use heated outdoor floormats (maybe we should call them sidewalk mats, or ground mats?) These heated mats work to keep ice off of key areas such as just outside doors and even along walkways.  An unexpected … Continued

Non-Typical Floormat Uses

Five Reasons To Get More Floormats There are a lot of reasons to have floormats in your home or business.  There are the obvious reasons such as reducing slips and falls, and the less common reasons, such as using a heated floormat to melt snow on a walkway.  Here are five reasons that apply to … Continued

Increase Safety with Better Floormats

Any time smooth ground surfaces get damp or mildew, they get very slippery to walk on.  There are many places where a floormat, anti-slip tape or anti-slip coatings can help reduce the risk of injury.  This article is about some less obvious places where you should be concerned. If you work for a city park … Continued

Floormats and School Safety

Floormats are a critical part of every sports venue.  Even in school sports, a variety of floormats and anti-slip tapes are needed to keep people safe and to ensure the best possible environment for your athletes and for the people entering your school grounds to cheer them on. Water sports need obvious floormats in the … Continued
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