Let’s Stay Safe. Together.

From social distancing floor runners and adhesive messaging mats, to EPA approved hospital-grade disinfectants and antimicrobial mats to reduce bacteria and germs, our portfolio of custom products reinforce CDC national health and safety guidelines to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Social Distancing Floormats

Products designed specifically
to designate safe distances.


Effective on over 20
viruses and bacteria.

Hand Soaps & Cleaners

Keep your space
clean and fresh.

Antimicrobial Floormats

Stops most Gram positive and Gram negative
bacteria and fungi at the entrance.

Featured Products

  • spread germs floor
    Don’t Spread Germs Wash Your Hands – Floor Mat
  • wash hands floor mat
    Please Wash Your Hands – Floor Mat
  • sanitize floor mat
    Sanitize Your Hands – Floor Mat
  • mat wash hands
    Wash Your Hands – Floor Mat
  • committed safety floor
    Wash, Clean, Sanitize, Hygiene Floor Mat
  • Vital Oxide 1 Gallon Floormat.com
    Vital Oxide Residential, Commercial, and Hospital Disinfectant
  • 118 all mats Floormat.com
    Arrow Trax™ Antimicrobial Floor Mat
  • Barrier Rib Antimicrobial 1 Floormat.com
    Barrier Rib Antimicrobial Floor Mat
  • Stick and Stand Isolated full mat 900x600 1 Floormat.com
    Stick-and-Stand Floor Mat
  • Product5 Floormat.com
    StepWell Sanitizing Floor Mat
  • Product6 Floormat.com
    Social Distancing Floor Runner Mat
  • Product7 Floormat.com
    Use Hand Sanitizer – Floor Mat

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