Your Guide To Logo Mats

If you are considering a purchase of a new mat for your business, consider purchasing a logo mat. Logo mats are custom mats that bare your company’s logo. These mats allow visitors to see your company’s swag as soon as they walk in your door. If you are wondering what logo mats are out there, … Continued

What To Look For When Buying Mats For Your Business

Most homeowners know the importance of floor mats. Truthfully, it seems like nearly every home or apartment is furnished with some type of mat, whether that is a large floor mat, or even just a welcome mat in front of the door. What many people do not realize is that mats are a very important … Continued

How To Reduce Slips And Falls In The Workplace

There are many hidden dangers lurking in every workplace. One of the most prevalent dangers is slips and falls, which injure thousands of workers each year. Some workplaces are more prone to slip and fall related injuries than others—busy kitchens, for example, tend to have lots of slip and fall injuries, due to the combination … Continued

Your Guide To Industrial Mats

Industrial matting can be found in nearly every factory, warehouse, or similar facility in the world. Industrial mats serve a variety of purposes: they help maintain worker safety, increase worker comfort, help protect company property (by preventing damage to equipment and flooring), and they help with the interior design! Industrial mats come in all shapes, … Continued

Use Mats To Spruce Up Your Home

It seems like we are constantly trying to figure out new and creative ways to upgrade our homes. Everything is fair game, from granite countertops to crown molding, to stainless steel appliances. One of the most popular home upgrades these days is hardwood floors. Today’s homeowner prefers the look and character of hardwood to carpet … Continued

Your Guide To Logo Mats

Branding is an important marketing tool for any company. The more you can get your company’s brand and logo out there for potential clients to see, the better off your company will be. Logo mats bearing your company’s logos are a great, functional way to achieve this goal. Mats with logos serve two purposes: they … Continued