4 Things You Need To Know About Commercial Entrance Mats

Commercial entrance mats are some of the most commonly used floor mats across all industries. Almost everyone is familiar with these types of mats, which are usually the first floor accessories that we encounter when entering into any commercial or industrial environment. As the name suggests, commercial entrance mats are usually installed in the main … Continued

4 Important Reasons To Invest In Logo Mats

Contrary to popular belief, logo mats are not a luxury accessory in the workplace. In fact, logo mats are essential additions to any business because they play a critical role in advertisement and brand promotion. Logo mats are considered specialty types of floor mats because in addition to fulfilling the basic functional roles of standard … Continued

5 Factors To Consider When Buying Office Chair Mats

Just like residential floor mats, office floor mats are installed in many different places for a variety of functional reasons. There are the standard entrance mats that are installed in doorways to prevent accidental falls and keep the interior clean. There is also the typical wall-to-wall floor mats that can either be heated or not. … Continued

3 Key Benefits Of Using Anti-Fatigue Mats In The Workplace

Anti fatigue floor mats have become very popular in commercial and industrial settings in recent years. This is due to the many ergonomic benefits that these specialty floor mats provide in the workplace. Anti fatigue mats are specially designed floor mats that are used to ease stress and enhance comfort in the workplace. By doing … Continued

4 Major Types Of Matting Solutions For Commercial/Industrial Settings

The matting industry has evolved considerably over the years. Initially, mat manufacturers focused on the production of standard floor mats only. Over the years, the industry expanded to include a variety of specialty floor mats to suit diverse industrial applications. Nowadays, the matting industry has diversified its productions to include all kinds of safety solutions … Continued