How To Clean Your Commercial Floor Mats

Commercial or industrial floor mats are installed by business owners in their workplaces to enhance safety and to ensure floor protection. Depending on the size and quality of the required mats, commercial floor matting can cost quite a substantial amount of money but the benefits are well worth it. Commercial floor mats usually feature some … Continued

Tips For Designing And Installing Custom Logo Mats

Custom logo mats are specially designed floor mats that bear the name or logo of a company on their topsides. These mats are customized to bear the company’s logo or brand name on the face. We also have other types of un-customized logo mats that bear any kind of message on their faces. These un-customized … Continued

4 Recommended Areas For Installing Floor Mats In The Workplace

Many business owners have now realized the importance of installing floor mats in their business premises. The main reason for installing floor mats in the workplace is to prevent slip and fall accidents. Floor mats are also used to keep the floors clean and to protect them from physical damage by human traffic. By covering … Continued

Advantages Of Rubber Floor Mats

Many different materials are used in the production of floor mats today. But rubber is still the most popular material for producing floor mats. Another popular material for producing floor mats is the synthetic plastic polymer called vinyl. Various carpet fibers are also used in the production of floor mats. Rubber floor mats are manufactured … Continued