Everything You Need To Know About Commercial/Industrial Matting

Floor mats are used in commercial and industrial settings for many different purposes. Commercial or industrial matting solutions are installed in business premises, office building, production and manufacturing facilities, healthcare facilities, and other commercial buildings. The main reason why floor mats are used in any environment is to provide safety to human traffic and also … Continued

4 Commercial/Industrial Places Where You Need To Install Floor Mats

It is highly recommended that you install floor mats in very workplace. We now have commercial and industrial matting solutions for application or use in every kind of working environment. There are countless benefits for installing floor mats in any commercial or industrial setting. For starters, indoor floor mats ensure the safety of your workers … Continued

4 Major Benefits Of Installing Commercial Entrance Mats

Commercial entrance mats are installed across the main entryway or doorway into any commercial building or industrial facility. These mats double up as both indoor and outdoor mats because they extend from the outdoors into the interior of the building. Commercial entrance floor mats are produced from a tougher material than residential entrance floor mats. … Continued

Medical Floor Mats And Their Applications

Medical floor mats are specially designed safety mats that are installed in healthcare facilities to prevent contamination and also to offer several other functional benefits. Medical floor mats are produced from all kinds of materials including carpet fibers, rubber, and vinyl for all kinds of applications and uses. Generally, medical floor mats can be installed … Continued

Logo Mats Explained

Logo mats are some of the most popular commercial/industrial matting solutions in the market today. This is mainly because they offer additional benefits to the client. In other words, logo mats provide all the basic functional matting benefits plus some special matting benefits, which are all discussed below. But before we look at the importance … Continued