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Increase Safety with Better Floormats

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Any time smooth ground surfaces get damp or mildew, they get very slippery to walk on.  There are many places where a floormat, anti-slip tape or anti-slip coatings can help reduce the risk of injury.  This article is about some less obvious places where you should be concerned. If you work for a city park … Read more

Floormats and School Safety

gym Floormat.com

Floormats are a critical part of every sports venue.  Even in school sports, a variety of floormats and anti-slip tapes are needed to keep people safe and to ensure the best possible environment for your athletes and for the people entering your school grounds to cheer them on. Water sports need obvious floormats in the … Read more

Heated Mats for Winter

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Fall is almost here, and Winter is just around the corner.  Winter snow and ice will create the usual slip and fall risks.  If you or someone you know is at increased risk of falling and seriously hurting themselves, it is time to think about getting heated mats to protect them. Heated Floormats can be … Read more

Water Sports and Slipping Risks

boat Floormat.com

Boating, Docks and other watersports pose a serious risk of injury from slipping on wet surfaces.  This can include the deck of a boat, a dock, pool side or any other surfaces where people might walk around water.  It is the most obvious danger as we all know that flat, hard surfaces that get wet … Read more

Floor Mats or Carpet?


There are a lot of compelling reasons to choose hard floors and floor mats over having a room carpeted.  In fact, I question why anyone would ever choose carpeting a whole room after reading this list of reasons. Don’t get us wrong, a good carpet can look and feel great.  Sure, it is more expensive, … Read more

Custom Floor Mats Printed With Logo

logo mat

Getting a floor mat with your logo or message is a smart move.  While people are often blind to ads that are all over the place, when they walk onto a stylish printed floor mat it stands out and makes them take notice. Getting a floor mat printed with logo or message is easier than … Read more

Floor Mats and Anti-Slip Products For The Home

wet step mat Floormat.com

There are many places around your home where you can use industrial floor mat products to make the home safer, more comfortable and have floor coverings that are more durable. One obvious place is in your bathroom.  That is where the majority of slips and falls occur in the home.  But there are many other … Read more

Anti – Fatigue Mats At Work

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There are several reasons why the anti-fatigue mats can improve employee moral and productivity. Accidents The first reason is that it can help to decrease the amount of accidents that will happen inside of the workplace. This is because the mats are going to help make sure that no one will slipping and falling on … Read more

Use Floor Mats On Your Hard Floors

doggie butler Floormat.com

Carpet is much less common than it was in the past.  People are getting more wood floors and tile floors because they are more durable, easier to keep clean and reduce allergens in the home instead of trap them like a full carpet does. However, some aspects of hard surface floors are not ideal. For … Read more

Dangers of Cheap Floor Mats

floor Floormat.com

There are many different types of mats you can buy in today’s market.  The price, functionality, design, and durability depends on the type of mat you want and the place where you are buying them from. Cheap materials and workmanship are common in every industry, and the floor mat industry is not the exception.  The quantity and … Read more