Classification And Types Of Floor Mats

There are many different types of covers for protecting floors from physical damage and anyone walking on it from slipping and falling. Without going into specifics, we can refer to all these protective floor covers as floor mats. But floor mats are so numerous in number and they are used for so many different purposes … Continued

Industrial Mats And Why They Are Essential In The Workplace

Industrial mats are specially designed floor mats that are exclusively used in business or commercial settings. These mats are used in a wide range of business environments ranging from the relatively passive office buildings to all sorts of bustling production sections. Office floor mats are not as sophisticated or as specialized as production site mats … Continued

4 Most Common Types Of Anti-Slip Solutions And Their Applications

Mats have proven their reliability in providing safety and ergonomic comfort at home and in the workplace. In recent years however, floor mats have faced stiff competition from new anti-slip solutions, such as slip-resistant treads and grip tapes, which are considered more effective and economical than the traditional matting options. You can classify all anti-slip … Continued

4 Specialty Mats Designed For Workplace Safety And Comfort

Depending on the intended application and desired functionality, different floor mats feature different design features. Floor mats are used in residential settings and also in commercial or business environments. Mats that are designed for commercial use are commonly known as industrial mats and they usually come with various specialty features suitable for the intended purpose. … Continued