Entrance Mats In Their Entirety

There are several different types of floor mats for several different uses. At the most basic level, we have residential floor mats and commercial or industrial floor mats. The former are used at home while the latter are installed in commercial settings by business owners and production site managers. We also have other different types … Continued

How To Choose The Best Matting Material For Your Home

Residential or home safety mats come in many different colors, sizes, designs, and types. There are many different factors that you should always consider when choosing safety mats for your home. Firstly, you should consider the type of floor mat that you need for your home. This depends on the reason for installing the mat. … Continued

Materials Used To Produce Floor Mats And Their Properties

Matting companies use different matting materials to produce various types of floor mats. Some floor mats require very tough materials like rubber and vinyl to ensure that they serve their purposes satisfactorily. Some other mats require a combination of two or more matting materials to ensure their proper functionality. For instance, outdoor entrance mats are … Continued

Common Types Of Floor Mats And Their Uses

Matting customers can easily be overwhelmed by the many different types of matting solutions that are available in the matting industry today. If you are not aware of the many different types of floor mats that are on offer today and their functional applications or uses, then you will have a hard time choosing the … Continued

Industrial Matting, the What and the Why

The matting industry is divided into two main factions. There is the residential matting section that deals with matting solutions for homeowners. We also have the more comprehensive commercial/industrial matting division that produces specialized matting solutions for business owners, government institutions, factories, production lines, and many other commercial clients. Commercial and industrial matting solutions are … Continued