Recommended Floor Mats For Your Gym

You can enhance the appeal of your gym using various types of floor mats. Floor mats are very functional floor safety products that can improve the customer attraction of any business. One thing that you need to know about floor mats is that they ensure floor safety in any house or building. Whether you install … Continued

Commercial And Industrial Applications Of Contamination Control Mats

Contamination control mats are specially designed floor mats that trap all kinds of contaminants to maintain a safe sterile working environment. Contamination control floor mats are more commonly referred to as antimicrobial floor mats. These mats are designed for sensitive and controlled working areas. Contamination control mats are usually designed for commercial and industrial applications … Continued

5 Reasons Why You Should Install Floor Mats In Your Elevators

Elevators are some of the most recommendable spaces for installing floor mats. Many people do not realize this but floor mats are very important in an elevator. This is especially important in commercial buildings where there is heavy foot traffic. We have already discussed in a previous article the various spaces that you should consider … Continued