How To Use Logo Mats For Branding And Marketing

Floor mats can be used as powerful marketing tools in any commercial or industrial environment. Floor mats that are used for promotional or marketing purposes are referred to as logo mats. They derive their name from the fact that they usually feature the logo of a company on their faces. Logo mats that bear the … Continued

Functional & Marketing Benefits Of Custom Logo Mats

The main reason for using floor mats in any commercial or industrial setting is to provide safety and protection in the workplace. Floor mats do not only protect the floor from physical damage but they also promote safety against slips, falls and trips to all the people in your place of business. Additionally, floor mats … Continued

Anti-Fatigue Matting 101

Anti-fatigue floor mats are some of the most popular mats in the commercial/industrial market. The main reason for the ever-soaring popularity of these floor mats is their ergonomic benefits. Anti-fatigue floor mats are primarily designed to enhance workplace comfort. This is not to say that these mats do not offer other functional benefits. Most anti-fatigue … Continued

Types Of Office Chair Mats

Office chair mats are specially designed floor mats that are installed underneath your seat to enhance workplace safety and comfort. These floor mats can be installed directly on a hard floor surface or atop another type of floor carpeting. There are several important factors that you should always consider when choosing floor mats to install … Continued